Chris Pancake & Dining Website Redesign

Chris’ Pancakes is consistently voted the best breakfast spot in St Louis. Thus,the websites (one per each location) get a lot of traffic each month with over 4k unique visits. The problem was, the existing sites were nearing the end of their life with outdated themes, requiring a lot of quick fixes and plug-ins to function. Additionally, the existing sites were not mobily optimized and in fact were large and heavy creating a lot of drag when consumers tried to load the site.

Follow the Data

To start, we wanted to know, why were people visiting the site? So we followed the breadcrumbs (aka Google Analytics) to show us where customers were spending their time on site.
Turns out we didn’t need a big huge site…People consistently visited the site to know three things:

  • What were the hours of operation?
  • What were the menu offerings?
  • What’s the phone number to make a reservation or place a carry-out order

So we designed a website focusing on those main inquiries – we didn’t want customers to have to go searching for that information, but instead, we wanted that to be the first thing they saw when they hit the site.

Two Locations, Two Websites

When speaking with the Chris’ Team, another nugget of information was shed. With two locations, customers frequently called and placed an order at the other restaurant, not the one they meant to visit. To solve this problem, we created a toggle feature on the homepage and designed each restaurant in a distinctly different color to ensure customers knew which location they were looking at.
Since the menus were a big reason people visited the site, it was imperative they were responsive. Again, ease of use was at the forefront of all design decisions.

Drive Sales and Awareness

Finally with the new sites designed, it was time to layer on some additional activations. Catering was a very big opportunity for Chris’ (whether business breakfasts/lunches, school lunches, or personal parties) this was an under tapped area of the business. We knew that people were in the market for catering needs in St. Louis and searching Google for options, but we weren’t appearing like we should. So we created a paid search campaign that dropped interested customers off at custom-designed landing pages to review the catering menus, call for more information or fill out the form to place an order.

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