A well-produced brand video can go do a lot of heavy lifting for your brand.

We’ve been producing a lot of brand videos for our clients lately. And for good reason, video is one of the most engaging forms of marketing you can put in front of your audience. Why do we love video so much? Here are 4 key reasons:

1). It humanizes and personalizes your brand.  

When you can show your customers the faces that make up your organization that is powerful. People want to see who they will be dealing with and hear about your company from you, those who make it great.

2). It quickly gets across your strengths and points of difference to a captive audience.

Marketing messages can often get lost, but a well-produced and compelling video has the power to break through the noise and connect your brand to the audience on a different level.

3). It provides great content for social media.

Video is a constant top performer when it comes to key performance metrics on social media. Because it’s so engaging it does great at driving brand awareness, engagement and site traffic.

4). It is versatile.

Video can be used on your website homepage, paid social ads, or as post/story content on your social media channels – and you can break it up into smaller snippets, allowing longer shelf life!

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